GT Collaboration – Circus by Loretta Underwood

GT Collaboration is a new category here in GuitarTutee. It features music videos and mp3’s of people who has sung to our videos on Youtube. If you would like to be featured here, record your song and upload it on Youtube, and e-mail us at guitar.tutee(at) to tell us about yourself and the link to your video. What are you waiting for?? Collaborate with GuitarTutee now!

Every time we see videos like this, we ask ourselves how many more talented people are there waiting to sing to our videos (and don’t get the chance to?). Here’s Loretta Underwood from Youtube singin’ to Britney’s Circus.

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  1. wow.. such a great voice.. one of a kind.. . she really do deserve to be featured.. nice pic guitartutee..!!

  2. hey that’s me! thanks soo much!! 🙂

  3. She has an amazing voice and I have seen her sing live… .she’s on the road to success…I just know it..

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