GT Live Sessions – Umbrella with Rona Vergara

Rona on Film

Hi Rona,

Thanks for sharing your talent with us. We thank you publicly for gracing us and all GT viewers with your presence and voice, and you’re very much welcome to come back. The last song you did for us was a GT Favorite, having been sung not only by Rihanna but most especially by Marie Digby(who was an immediate crush after we saw her first video.) You gave the “summer-love” song a different twist (a more upbeat and dancy one) and we like it. We will be sharing it with our viewers now. We hope you wouldn’t mind.

Thanks again and keep rockin’!

Best wishes,

Here’s Rona again with Umbrella ala Rihanna ala Mandy ala Marie Digby. I can’t help you if you groove your hips and shoulders to this one.


  1. hey.. rOna na-visit q rin ung website.. ahm.. ganda nmn ng performance mu.. keep it up grl.. im so proud of u.. tke good care and Godbless..uuu

  2. astig ronz….galing moh! um so proud of u gUrl….mwuaahhh

  3. Nice voice! Good looks! But, it is UMBREEEEEELA and not UmbErla! Okay?

  4. an galing tlga ng bez q….. ur d best tlga… keep up d gud work!!… i’m proud of you bezfriend…………..

  5. lolz!

  6. umberla nga.
    un lng.
    gling nung gitarist. ilove you na.
    un lungs…………

  7. hey!! u r a very very very nice singer….plz its a request plz sing RIHANA’S “UNFAITHFUL”……Thank YOu…God Bless..Take Care…

  8. luv this songg . its made me feel sad

  9. Great song by rihanna… As ushual.. xD

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