GT Live Sessions – You First Believed with Clara Reyes

Finally, the last installment of our March 15 shoot. We tried to be a little creative with this song and made a little mainstream Music Television just for you GuitarTutee and Clara fans. This is our first time doing this kind of stuff, so you will have to forgive us if the editing of the video is not that good. I assure you though that the director for this shoot is really really cute. Thanks direk!

Clara Reyes Guitar Tutee

Guitar Setup : Capo 4th Fret

Chords Used:

G = 320033
G/B = x20033
C = x32033
C? = x30233
A7 = 002020
Em = 022000
E/F#m = 2x22xx

G G/B C C?

G G/B C C?
how many times that i pray you find me
how many wishes on the star
Em A7 C
Safe at home unafraid
captured in your embrace

Stanza II: Same chords:

so many times when my heart was broken
visions of you would keep me strong
you were with me all along
guiding my every step
you were all that i am
and i’ll never forget

it was you who first believe
in all that i was made to be
it was you looking in my eyes
you held my hand and(you) showed me life
Em E/F#m C
and i’ve never been the same since you first believed

Stanza III: Use the same Pattern

there were times when i’d thoughti’d lost you
fearing forever was a dream
but it was’nt what it seems
placing your hand in mine
you could see in the dark
you were guiding my heart


Em - F#m - C


  1. Hey guys, im a filipino and I have to say, im proud of you guys. Your singer is really good. Your videos need a little work though. But all in all, you guys are good.

    Hey, if you guys need help in editing and stuff, I can help you.. Just e-mail me or something. Godbless!

  2. ayos yan! salamat. taga-saan po sila?

  3. uhh, wg po kau magagalit ha? mejo, mas gusto ko po original na tono nung kanta.. eheh. opinyon lang naman po.. sana nde po kayo nglit.

  4. Sorry late reply, taga Las Piñas po ako sir.

  5. I love you christopher brown

  6. It wonderes me to see how many comments this website is getting. I guess it have a lot of enteries. how do you accomplish that kind of traffic?


  1. […] We’re having our first official GT GIG! And the entrance is FREE! In line with the opening of the Bar Grill inside La Leona Resort, Brgy. Sampaguita, Lipa City, Clara Reyes will be performing LIVE acoustic songs there, with GuitarTutee on accompaniment. La Leona Resort has one of the best swimming pools and the biggest event center in Lipa, not to mention the soothing green landscape and the fine room accommodations. If you’re wondering, La Leona was the location of our GT MTV shoot for You First Believed. […]

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