Jonas Brothers – Give Love A Try

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Youre like driving on a Sunday,
Youre like taking off on Monday,
Youre like a dream,
Dream come true.

Just a face you never notice,
Just trying to be honest with myself,
with you,
with the world.

You might think,
That Im a fool for falling over you,
So tell me what can I do,
To prove to you,
Thats it not so hard to do,
Give love a try,
One more time,
Cause you know that Im on your side.
Give love a try,
One more time,
Yeah yeah


  1. i love the song so much.
    can you do power chords.?

  2. Katherine says:

    I love this song!!!! I am just starting to learn how to play the guitar and this seems like an easy song to start with!!!

  3. i love this site!!!


  4. i love this song!:D

  5. melanie says:

    its not as easy as u think kathrine

  6. hi gys what’s up what are you do i need a now gatar ya becouse i need to lern how to play give love a try by jonas brothers so that’s why talk to you later

  7. kimberly says:

    it is easy melanie! 🙂

  8. i love this song i am trying to play it on my guitar but i cant get the last note. bummer lol xxxx kisses england xxxx

  9. Oh my gosh.
    For some reason this song
    completely gets me.
    My boyfriend plays and he’s gonna try
    to teach me. Then i’m going to sing
    it to him.
    Oh wow.

  10. plis let the TAB PLIS!!!

  11. omn, I love so much this song +.+

  12. please do please be mine plsplspls………

  13. hmmm, well, I’m pretty sure I need the tabs for this. The chords work too. That might help out just a bit(: Thannkkkss<3

  14. cool…can you show the tabs please…

  15. Marianne says:

    Hey, can u pls do Please Be Mine by the Jonas Bros. I love dat song.

    Oh and i heard u were filipino, i am too.
    Can u do the chords to Stay, Can’t let You go, Ulan and Sorry by Cueshe too, cuz they’re my fave pinoy band. Sige thanks po!

  16. I didnt get the last note!!! somebody explain it to me pls!!!!

  17. please can someone send me the notes of give love a try by nick jonas?


  18. Vera PeaceLoveJb says:

    waw, i loooovee this song much !
    Nick make this song for a girl .. ( in JONAS )
    so lovely !! like this one ! 🙂

  19. i have just started to learn guitar and i want to learn this song. i have looked at heaps of sites but i cant find the right sound. any tips?

  20. wooooooooow i love this song so much but plz can give tabs too in ur website

  21. Hi I am finding it really hard to play please help me

  22. hey i love this song and the jonas brothers mostly joe jonas bye

  23. CoooooL!!!!!!

  24. Yeeah I agree with John, do please be mine, PLEASE !! 😀

    Love this song ♥

  25. im just barely starting to learn how to play guitar and this is such an easy song to begin with.I love it.

  26. I love this song! I’ve never played a guitar before and yet I managed to pick up this whole song no bother in less than a day! It must be easy! lol

    Now I plan on broadening my Jonas horizon and learning all of their songs ! ! 😛


  27. hi..i love you guys..i learn to play guitar because of you..and i love this’re the and kisses..sorry for mi bad english..i come from argentina!!!!

  28. perfect course for begginers check here

  29. this song blows my mind off its like i get carried away this song is special for your loved ones because you know what you want u just have to give it a try whether it goes or wrong…. LOVE TO NICK<3

  30. This song is awsome!!! I love it

  31. this is a good cover but I found another one on Youtube that sounds tons like this and it isn’t chords at all and its sooooo easy for me

  32. oi

  33. oi esta tudo!

  34. where are the tabs at i cant find them

  35. I love this song. it was the first song i could play on the guitar.

  36. ShakirMn says:

    Yo! Im gonna sing ‘Gove love a try’ to my girlfriend! Cool or no?

  37. this is my favourite song <3 i thing its an easy song for a start

  38. valentina says:

    hello!!!!11 su musica es muy bueno joanss brother

  39. Titu.India says:

    i just love this song. & <3 jonas brother

  40. Cool it is so easy!!

  41. cine imi da si mie notele muzicale pt chitara a melodiei<give love a try?plzzz

  42. Hi! I love this song!! is the best! I’m from argentina 😀 I love nick Jonas!! (L) kisses!! Byee!!

  43. It sounds easy on guitar but its not really that easy

  44. can you show how to read tabs?

  45. My sister Erika got me hooked on band of brothers and now this shit is gettin’ too fuckin weird. Vampires, psychics, shapeshifters, werewolves, Gods 😐

  46. can i have the chords ??

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