Michelle Branch – Empty Handed

Standard Tuning:

D-D/Bm-C9-G (x2)

D/Bm – x20230

Verse 1: (D-D/Bm-C9-G)

Here I am, take me
It’s easier to give in… no oo woo oo woo oo o
Some people mistake me
They only hear what they want to hear

Refrain 1: (D-D/Bm-C9-G)
If you’re losing sleep, forgive me
I just can’t keep pretending

D Cadd9
I’m packing my bags ’cause I don’t wanna be
Bb D
The only one who’s drowning in their misery
D Cadd9
And I’ll take that chance ’cause I just wanna breathe
Bb D
And I won’t look back and wonder how it’s supposed to be
How it’s supposed to be… ho woo

Verse 2:
There’s a prism by the window
It lets the light leak in… no oo woo oo woo oo o
I wish you would let me
You feel the water but do you swim… mm mm oh oo oh oo woo oo oh

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