Shontelle Feat. Akon – Stuck With Each Other

This video is requested from GuitarTutee.

Standard Tuning:
Capo On 3rd Fret

Emsus = 079900
Eb/Emsus = x69900
Dsus = x57700
C#/Dsus = x47700

Em C G D Em C G D

G Em D G C Am
G Em D G C


Emsus Eb/Emsus Dsus C#/Dsus

Em C G D Em C G D


  1. kua ung strumming po?

    plssss, psabe

    pag cnabe ni0, ippgmalake ko na tlga ke0

    gling ni0 kc eh


    tnxs kua^^

  2. The pre chords are not what the guy is playing in the video. Can you fix them up?

  3. Strumming parten?

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