Marie Digby – Umbrella & Makes Me Wonder

We won’t be shooting our videos until the weekend, and so while we’re not doing anything for you guys, I decided to fill you in with a little GT background story.

We started GuitarTutee about 1 and a half months ago. During the first few weeks, it was hard and really frustrating because we only got a mediocre number of views on Youtube. And although some people appreciated our early work by giving heartwarming comments, the truth is, what really inspired us to move on was this great-looking talented girl who has just posted her videos on Youtube. We first saw her Maroon 5’s Makes Me Wonder cover, and we were just mesmerized and hooked (by the way, our tutorial on Makes Me Wonder still tops all our videos with almost 2000 views). She’s from LA and her name is Marie Digby: GT’s ultimate Dream Girl, and we hope to meet her someday just so we can play for her.

Here are two of her videos. By the way, her Umbrella cover is the sexiest video ever uploaded on Youtube. GT swears! Watch what she does with that guitar pick. We even imitated it.

Good luck to you Marie! We all love you here from GuitarTutee and the Philippines. We’ll be the first ones to do covers from your upcoming album. Hope you can visit us soon. (Haha, as if she’s reading this.)

P.S. A new category is born: GT Watchlist. Please don’t mistake it for a tutorial.

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