Avril Lavigne – I Will Be

This video is requested from GuitarTutee.
standard Tuning:

Chords used:
G – 320033
Em – 022000
Bm – x24432
C – x32010
D – xx0232
D/F# – 2x023x

Intro: G

Verse 1:
there’s nothing i could say to u
Em Bm
nothing i could ever do to make u see
what you mean to me
all the pain the tears i cried
still u never said goodbye
Bm C
and now i know, how far you’d go

Refrain 1:
i know i let u down
but its not like that now
Em C D/F#
this time ill never let you go

G Em
i will be all that u want
Bm C
and get myself together
cause u keep me from falling apart
G Em Bm
all my life ill be with u forever
to get u through the day
and make everything ok

Interlude: G–Em-C

Verse 2:
i’d thought that i had everything
i didnt know what life could bring
Bm C
but now i see, honestly
you’re the one thing i got right
the only one i let inside
now i can breathe
cause you’re here with me

Refrain 2:
and if i let u down
i’ll turn it all around
Em C D/F#
cause i would never let you go

(Repeat Chorus)

cause without you i can’t sleep
im not gonna ever ever let you leave
you’re all i got you’re all i want,
Em D
yeahh and without you i dont know what i’ll do
i could never ever live a day without you
here with me do you see you’re all i need


(Repeat Chorus twice)

end on G


  1. hey, I’m learning to play this song, I’m still an asshole haha, but I’m trying.. I just don’t undesrtand the chord at min 0:43 =/ …sorry,can you tell me how to do that?, thanks!! =D

  2. hey! i really loved your cover! hope i could see ya face nextt time hahahs
    well tnx i learned alot

  3. orale
    tocas muy
    me encanta avril

  4. Ashley says:

    strumming pattern please? i just started playing a couple months ago so i’m not so well at figuring that out.

  5. Jeremy says:

    for those who wants the strumming pattern here it is: DD DUDUD DUDU/ and you change the chord…it’s almost it trough the whole song…

  6. im making a request you should really do one of her old songs its called nobody’s home you might of heard of it

  7. viry its BM i think you can look it up on a website i like to use called chordbook.com its really helpful

  8. Lots of Good information in your post, I favorited your blog post so I can visit again in the near future, All the Best

  9. Hi, i am beginner, but i love that song :). Just wanted to ask, can i play it without Bm cord ??? Because i really cant play Bm write now. :S Could i swich the cord for sth else? Tnx. Sorry for grammatic, i am from Estonia (L)

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