Boys Like Girls – Learning To Fall

This video is requested from GuitarTutee.
Standard Tuning:

Verse 1:
Gm Eb Bb F/A
Today is the day, the worst day of my life
Gm Eb Bb F/A
You’re so content it hurts me, I don’t know why
Gm Eb Bb F/A
The cost of misery, is at an all time high
Gm Eb Gm Eb F(hold)
I keep it hidden, close to the surface in sight

Bb F
I’m learning to fall, I can’t hardly breathe
Cm Eb
When I’m going down don’t worry about me
Bb F
Don’t try this at home, you said you don’t see
Cm Eb
I don’t want to know that you know, it should have been me

Verse 2:
Gm Eb
Could you be with him?
Bb F/A
Or was it just a lie?
Gm Eb
He doesn’t catch you like I do
Bb F/A
And you don’t know why
Gm Eb
You change your clothes and your hair
Bb F/A
But I can’t change your mind
Gm Eb Gm Eb F
Oh, I’m uninvi-ted So unrequi-ted now

(Repeat Chorus)

Gm Eb
Words screaming in my head
Bb F/A F
Why did you leave?
And I can’t stop dreaming
Watching you and him
Eb F(hold)
When it should have been
It should have been me
Gm Eb Bb F/A
Today is the day, the worst day of my life


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