Goo Goo Dolls – Im Still Here

This video is requested from GuitarTutee.

Standard Tuning:

Asus4 – x02200
Dsus4 – xx0230

Asus4 Dsus4 (2x)

Asus4 Dsus4 (3x) Bm Dsus4
Asus4 Dsus4 (3x) F#m E Dsus4

Asus4 Dsus4 (3x) Bm Dsus4
Asus4 Dsus4 (3x) F#m E Dsus4

Dsus4 E F#m…..

I am a question to the world
Not an answer to be heard
Or a moment
That’s held in your arms

And what do you think you’d ever say?
I won’t listen anyway
You don’t know me
And I’ll never be what you want me to be

And what do you think you’d understand?
I’m a boy, no, I’m a man
You can’t take me
And throw me away

And how can you learn what’s never shown?
Yeah, you stand here on your own
They don’t know me
Cause I’m not here

And I want a moment to be real
Wanna touch things I don’t feel
Wanna hold on and feel I belong
And how can the world want me to change?
They’re the ones that stay the same
They don’t know me
Cause I’m not here

And you see the things they never see
All you wanted I could be
Now you know me
And I’m not afraid

And I want to tell you who I am
Can you help me be a man?
They can’t break me
As long as I know who I am


They can’t tell me who to be
Cause I’m not what they see
Yeah, the world is still sleepin while I keep on dreaming for me
And their words are just whispers and lies thatI’ll never believe


I’m the one now
Cause I’m still here
I’m the one
Cause I’m still here
I’m still here
I’m still here
I’m still here


  1. pls GT make an upload of IRIS BY GOO GOO DOLLS…. i really love the song!!

  2. kuya pano ang strumming nya?

  3. pls,put also “iris”by goo goo dolls thanks!

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  5. what is x02200 or xx0230 after the chords??

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