Green Day – Minority

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i want to be the minority
i dont need your authority
down with the moral majority
’cause i want to be the minority

i pledge allegiance to the underworld
one nation under dog
there of which i stand alone
a face in the crowd
unsung, against the mold
without a doubt,
singled out
the only way i know


stepped out of the line
like a sheep runs from the herd
marching out of time
to my own beat now
the only way i know
one light, one mind
flashing in the dark
blinded by silence of a thousand broken hearts
“for cryin out loud” she screamed unto me
a free for all
fuck ’em all
“you are your own sight”



  1. john philip corteza says:

    i luv you

  2. ang galing., nakapluck siya na may hawak na pick tapos kinuha ulit., IDOL ka talaga !!!

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