Justin Timberlake – What Goes Around

This video is requested from GuitarTutee.

Am C G D

Am C G D
hey girl, is he everything you wanted in a man

Am C G
you no i gave you the world, you had me in the palm of your hand

Am C G
so why your love went away, i just can’t seem to understand

Am C G
thought i was me n you baby, and now its all just a shame and i guess i was



  1. Hello,

    Is it possible to have the tab of the riff because it is played too quickly and I can’t see what is played.

    Thank you a lot.


  2. I think it sounds better on piano

  3. alejandra (la panicosa) says:

    wooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww neta ke alesana es

    genmial en las depres me pone ps = no me pone

    felixidad pro0 = no maz tristexa

    me aze zentir agusto

    tanks alesana

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