Kris Allen – Heartless (Cover)

This video is requested from GuitarTutee.
Standard Tuning:
Capo On 1st Fret

Am = 5x55xx
F = 133211
Dm7 = x57565
E = 079997
E7 = 079797

Chorus: (intro)
Am F Dm7 E

Am F Dm7 E


Am F Dm7 E…..E7


  1. kow…. dinale agad eh… hehe…. go kris allen…

  2. pretty good! learnin right away!

  3. awesome!

  4. THis doesn’t quite make sense, could you email me a better version of the tabs?? I know how to read tabs, but that is confusing! Help!

  5. ronaldoumair says:

    may i know the strumming patterns??
    it will really help me to play this song…
    and can you make hte tabs more detailed??

  6. ang galing2 tlg ni kris allen!!!

  7. it sounds exactly the same without the capo. It’s easier to read the chords too

  8. yeah, except it’s in the wrong key, you idiot.

  9. cool!!

  10. Whats the strumming pattern??? No one wants to explain it!!

  11. Whats the strumming pattern ? i can’t get it .

  12. Claudes says:

    About the strum pattern, I figured that it might be:

    DU *Muted DU* UUDUD DU
    just try it out and tell me does it fits=)

  13. Thx, mdali lng nman pla .
    I thought it was mahirap kc The strumming is quite difficult.

  14. Thea Eleanor says:

    Strumming pattern: down up up down.
    Also see this video, it may help:

  15. Adequately written post. It’ll be useful to everyone who utilizes it, including this writer . Keep up the good work i will definitely read more posts.

  16. how do i strum like that
    is there some video similar that i can follow?

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