KT Tunstall – Heal Over

This video is requested from GuitarTutee.
Standard Tuning;

Chord EADGBe
Esus2 096900
C#m7(no 5th) 9×9990
Bsus4 799800
Am7 5×5550
Bm7sus4 7×7770
D/A 557775
Emsus2 024000
Cmaj7 x35450
D6sus2? x54050

Esus2 C#m7(no 5th) Bsus4 Am7 D/A

Esus2 C#m7(no 5th)
It isnt very difficult to see why

Bsus4 Am7 D/A
You are the way you are


Esus2 C#m7(no 5th) Bsus4
Come over here lady

Am7 Bm7sus4 Esus2
Let me wipe your tears away

C#m7(no 5th) Bsus4
Come a little nearer baby

Am7 Bm7sus4
Coz you’ll heal over

Am7 Bm7sus4
Heal over

Am7 Bm7sus4 Esus2
Heal over someday


Emsus2 Cmaj7 D6sus2? (5x)
Emsus2 Cmaj7 D6sus2? Cmaj7

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