Missy Higgins – They Weren’t There

This video is requested from GuitarTutee.

Standard Tuning:

Intro – B, G#m, E, F#

You breathed infinity into my world
and time was lost up in a cloud and in a whirl.
E F# B
We dug a hole in the cool grey earth and lay there for the night.
G#m E
Then you said, “wait for me we’ll fly the wind,
F# E-F# B
we’ll grow old and you’ll be stronger without him” but oh,
G#m E
now my world is at your feet. I was lost and I was found,
but I was alive and now I’ve drowned.
G#m E B
So now I will be waiting for the world to hear my song
F# E- F#
so they can tell me I was wrong…
But they weren’t there beneath your stare,
and they weren’t stripped ’till they were bare of
B F#
any bindings from the world outside that room.
And they weren’t taken by the hand
and led through fields of naked land
B F#
where any pre-conceived ideas were blown away…
G#m F# E
so I couldn’t say “no”.

B, G#m, E, F#


  1. hi great video i love this song!! but the volume of the guitar is a little too soft.

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