Paramore – Ignorance Acoustic

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If I’m a bad person,
You don’t like me.
I guess I’ll go,
Make my own way.
It’s a circle,
A mean cycle.
I can’t excite you anymore.
Where’s your gavel, your jury?
What’s my offense this time?
You’re not a judge but if you’re gonna judge me,
Well sentence me to another life.

Don’t wanna hear your sad songs.
I don’t wanna feel your pain,
When you swear it’s all my fault.
Cause you know we’re not the same.
Oh we’re not the same,
The friends who stuck together.
We wrote our names in blood,
But I guess you can’t accept that the change is good,
It’s good.

You treat me just like another stranger.
Well it’s nice to meet you sir.
I guess I’ll go.
I best be on my way out.
Ignorance is your new best friend.

This is the best thing that could’ve happened.
Any longer and I wouldn’t have made it.
It’s not a war.
No, it’s not a rapture.
I’m just a person, but you can’t take it,
The same tricks that once fooled me.
They won’t get you anywhere.
I’m not the same kid from your memory.
Now I can fend for myself.


You treat me just like another stranger.
Well it’s nice to meet you sir.
I guess I’ll go.
I best be on my way out.


  1. LordAngelx17 says:

    W0@ Z0z ZUp3r L@ r0l@ Px t@N Bu3N@Z t0D@Z @UNK3 3N l@Z D3 T0KI0 h@Y f@LL@Z

  2. what are the chords and strumming pattern for the song

  3. This looks harder than it it looks. Kailangan ko pa ng practice. Nice Vid po.

  4. kua..pde ung tab..??mxiadong mblis eh…

  5. kua ang bilis nman pede pabagal nmn ng konti plss

  6. What are the chords?

  7. Rebekah ash says:

    What guiatr are they/ you using?

  8. Rebekah ash says:

    the cutaway guitars i mean thanks

  9. is it drop d ??

  10. omg. ang hirap

  11. xudikutut

  12. nka2baliw yng kanta n yn grabe ! haha .. ang hirap nman xe eh ..

  13. bka gus2 nyo ng live session ni2ng kantang toh, andi2 lng aq .. pramiz di kau mgccc .. haha

  14. IDOL NA KITA! 🙂

  15. ImaginaryNumber says:

    stop asking for what chords are they using!!!its gonna sound right if you’ll listen to it

  16. OMG!!!ang dali!!hinde nga ako pinawisan eh 🙂

  17. ur my ultimate idol forever!

  18. grbe andali.. 😀

  19. omg wow! this is awesome 🙂 please make a “how to” video on this??

  20. .. ambi|is nmn nian cua ..

    .. peru an6 6aLin6 6rabe !! e|ibxz !! 😀

  21. Which is the final touch? or afination dont know the word xd

  22. is tunning, hehe srry for my english, well… what is the tunning?? 😀

  23. I think it’s not easy for the novice but I ‘ll try to practice it 🙂

  24. hahahaha idol ko talaga paramore kagaya ni glenn hahaha

  25. Paranormal says:


  26. Paranormal says:

    this is hard…

  27. pretending says:

    can u teach me the strumming pattern of your cover ignorance pls….thx in intro in verse in prechorus also in chorus.. thx ill w8

  28. kua mga noob ung nanghihingi ng mga tab…ndi ka cguro msabyan!

  29. nice try dude, you play well but it’s so fast and there’s no copy of chords. gad we’re not that prof.! hais.. but you play good:) ya take care

  30. .i like that song..! you rock!
    : )

  31. the man says:

    what is that ?

  32. cool-kin says:

    kua.. drop d b yan?? kxe iba ung gnwa mu dun sa G eh..

    aus lang nmn.. mice video kua..

  33. Pat_lei20 says:

    umm… what is the chords??? im dying of searching for the right chords… :'(
    pweeeeaaaassseee!!!! pwede??

  34. Cool, but im kind of rubbish at tabs, the chords might be more helpful :S but nice cover thing anyway 😀 xx

  35. R=awsomeness says:

    ang dali naman nito no sweat peace of cake

  36. .. nice un mga tutorial xa guitartutee

  37. please post the tag. thanks

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