The Format – Career Day

This video is requested from GuitarTutee.
Am G Am G Am

Verse 1:

G Am
Todays been a career day futures made and fortunes lost.
G Am
As I’m standing in the lobby waiting for the elevator to take me away-
G Am
up to nine or ten or maybe eleven.
G Am
The sound of sirens fading as she whispers in my ear.

Am D
She’s saying, “It’s too late to wish sucess,
Am C G C
so get undressed and please just come to bed.
Am D
Cuz I’m the last real thing you’ve got,
Am Cm G
you’re cursed by all ambitious thought.
Is that all you’ve got?”

Verse 2:

As for you, you spin a story like a spider spins a web.
See that’s a metaphor, no wait, a simile.
I’m still learning but I think I’m getting better.
Oh if im not tortured how are we ever going to relate?

Chorus 2:

I’ve been condemned by those I love –
wishing me the worst as I try my best.
But she’s the last real thing I’ve got.
I’m cursed by all ambitious thoughts.
Is that all youve got?

Cm G
love close your eyes
Cm G
and cover, cover your ears –
for the end is near.
Cm G C G C
But the beggining is here.
G Am
In with the outro and out with the old

(Repeat the line above about a million times, then end it…)

Am G
We’ll be together in the morning

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