Big Bang – Haru Haru (Day By Day)

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Standard Tuning:

B C# Ebm

Bridge: B Em G#m Bbm B C#

Yeah, Finally I realize that I am nothing without you
I was so wrong, forgive me

Ah ah ah ah~

Padocheoreom bushwojin nae mam
[Like the tides my heart is broken]
Baramcheoreom heundeullineun nae mam
[Like the wind my heart is shaking]
Yeongicheoreom sarajin nae sarang
[Like the smoke my love faded away]
Munshincheoreom jiwojiji anha
[It never erases like the tattoo]
Hansumman ddangi kkeojira shwijyo
[I sigh deeply and the ground shakes]
Nae gaseum soge meonjiman ssahijyo
[My heart is full of dust]
Say goodbye

Yeah, nega eopshineun dan harudo
Mot sal geotman gatattdeon na
[Yeah, I thought I wouldn’t be able to live even one day without you]
Saenggakgwaneun dareugedo
Geureokjeoreok honja jal sara
[But from what expected, I’m getting along quite well by myself]
Bogo shipdago bulleobwado
Neon amu daedap eopjanha
[You don’t answer anything as I cry out, “I miss you”]
Heotdoen gidae georeobwado
Ijen soyongeopjanha
[I hope for a vain expectation but now it’s useless]

Ne yeope ittneun geu sarami mwonji
Hokshi neol ullijin anhneunji
[What is it about that person next to you, did he make you cry?]
Geudae naega boigin haneunji
Beolsseo ssak da ijeottneunji
[Do you even see me, did you already forget me?]
Geokjeongdoe dagagagi jocha
Mareul geol su jocha eopseo ae taeugo
[I’m worried, I can’t even approach you or talk to you]
Na hollo gin bameul jisaeujyo
Subaekbeon jiwonaejyo
[Alone in the night I spend a hundred times erasing it off]

Doraboji malgo ddeonagara
[Don’t look back and leave]
Ddo nareul chajji malgo saragara
[Don’t for me and just live on]
Neoreul saranghaettgie huhoe eopgie
[Because I love you, I have no regrets]
Johattdeon gieokman gajyeogara
[So only take the happy memories]
Geureokjeoreok chamabolman hae
[I can hold back some way]
Geureokjeoreok gyeondyeonaelman hae
[I cant bear it somehow]
Neon geureolsurok haengbokhaeyadoe
[You have to be happy as much as I do]
Haruharu mudyeojyeogane-e-e-e
[Day by day it fades away…]
Oh, girl, I cry, cry
You’re my all, say goodbye

Gireul geotda neowa na
Uri majuchinda haedo
[Even if we bump into each other]
Mot bon cheok hagoseo
Geudaero gadeon gil gajwo
[Pretend you didn’t see me and keep going]
Jakkuman yet saenggagi ddeo-oreumyeon amado
[If old memories keep on being thought of]
Nado mollae geudael chajagaljido molla
[I might find you without you noticing]

Neon neul geu saramgwa haengbokhage
Neon neul naega dareun maeum an meokge
[You have to be happy with that person so I don’t think of anything else]
Neon neul jageun miryeondo an namgekkeum
Jal jinaejwo na boran deushi
[You have to get along so not even a small regret in me]

Neon neul jeo haneulgati hayahge
Ddeun gureumgwado gati saeparahge
[Like the white sky and like the blue clouds]
Neon neul geurae geureohge useojwo
Amuil eopdeushi
[Just smile like nothing is wrong]


Nareul ddeonaseo mam pyeonhaejigil
[Hope your heart is relieved after leaving me]
Nareul itgoseo saragajwo
[Just forget me and live on]
Geu nunmureun da mareulteni
[Those tears will all dry up yeah]
Haruharu jinamyeon
[After day by day]

Charari mannaji anhattdeoramyeon
Deol apeultende, oooh
[If we never met each other then it would have hurt less]
Yeongwonhi hamkkehajadeon geu yaksok
Ijen chueoge mudeodugil barae
[The promise of us staying together is now a memory]
Baby Neol wihae gidohae
[Baby, I’ll pray for you]


Oh, girl, I cry, cry
You’re my all, say goodbye, bye
Oh, my love, don’t lie, lie
You’re my heart, say goodbye


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