Death Cab For Cutie – You Are A Tourist

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I’m having dreams about you.
I wanna scream about you.
I’m having dreams about you.
I wanna scream about you.

With everything you’ve done, you were the girl who seemed to own the world, there

were things about you.
I took a chance to call you my own, I didn’t know a thing about you.
I thought you could love, what a fool I was.

What’s goin’ on, I was just singin my song, something mad about you.
I took it wrong, you like my song, why couldn’t I have you?
Crazy teen you done me wrong, left me long, I couldn’t stand a chance without


You said that love was dead and in my head I just couldn’t believe it. And on the

phone you said you never knew me at all. I thought there was love, what a fool I


Everything was in hypo chains just like an old time movie.
Don’t understand, can’t comprehend, I guess it really doesn’t matter.
Every dream, nightmare, nothing really matters.
I thought I was loved, what a fool I was.

I’m having dreams about you (x4)

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