GT Live Sessions – Battlefield with Penelope

We have been looking forward to this day for a long time, ever since we watched her perform on live nationwide TV for weeks and weeks. Not just because she was good. The fact that she lives just a few houses away was what really got our attention.

Penelope on GT Live Sessions (Jordin Sparks - Battlefield)

Probably the brightest star to shine from Mataasnakahoy, Batangas, Penelope Matanguihan, or Penny, is well-loved here in our hometown. I remember people buying two sets of P30 cellphone load to vote for her during the Pinoy Idol eliminations. After the show, she brought the talent back here in Batangas singing for events, fiestas, tapusans and weddings(one of where we chanced upon her a few weeks ago), while still performing in SOP from time to time. She grew up a little bit from what you’ll remember, and her voice has become more rich and powerful. She admits to being still a teenager and a kid-at-heart though, but why act way older when you’re just 17?

Here’s Penny’s first video for GT Live. It’s our version of Jordin Spark’s new single, Battlefield, from an album of the same name to be released this June.

Watch the GT Tutorial here for Jordin Sparks – Battlefield.

Penny continues college as an AB Communications major this semester. Studying is still a priority for this young woman and it says something about her character as a singer and a person.

Penny Matanguihan on

More of Penelope’s songs and info in the next few days. Subscribe here to get those updates.

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  1. very good performance. You are my idol! I hope to hear more songs from you.

  2. wow, actually ikaw ang pinakamagaling sa Pinoy Idol. In this video, you seem to have more powerful voice. You have improved soooooo much. Pang recording ka na. I hope pwede ma-download to. Great Voice. Great guitarist. Great Tandem!

  3. whoa! i could fall for you. such a great talent. MORE MORE MORE

  4. hehe, magaling talaga siya! isip bata nga lang minsan!! hmmm damihan mo pa post pining!!!

  5. wahaha! nice nice! ung dalwa pa?

  6. anu pu ba nym ng guitarist? tagal q nang IDOL ang guitarist sa GT d q pa nalalaman nym nya…. plsssssssssssssssss……..itO Fs q.. D2 Nyo nlng Sabihi ung NYM tnx guyz……Galing nyong dalawa. . . sana may nextym pa

  7. ..+terriFic..ANg GalINg!!

    ..+ReaLLy GoOd..

  8. gaLIng!

  9. WàààààààààààààW
    So CoooooooooooooL

  10. ang galing naman nya… 🙂

    WE WANT MOOORRRREEEE!!!! hehehe!

  11. i love it 🙂

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