Penny – Waking Up in Vegas MTV

It was a crazy afternoon last January 24, and we decided to make the most of our gig in SM City Batangas by shooting this crazy Waking Up in Vegas video. Thanx and I were there with JR and Gerlie of WOWBatangas as part of a Blogging Seminar and we performed live in front of 200+ students from around Batangas City.

GT Live - Waking Up in Vegas by Penny MTV

GT Live Sessions are fun, but singing for an audience is really what GT is all about. Watch out for our next gigs. – Penny

Waking Up in Vegas cover by Penny MTV


  1. awesome!!

  2. Nice ;DD

  3. CodtyLovesTutee says:

    That was incredible! You guys are really good(:

  4. CodtyLovesTutee says:

    Oh and I have always wondered what you looked like dude.
    Cause in the videos you never see your face haha.
    But yeah like I said up there Good Job!

  5. jaymitch30 says:

    owwss im really2x impress guys.. awesome performance! 🙂

  6. haha sarp ng choco choco

  7. Galing naman.The video is excellent you got some cool talent.

  8. ganda nman ni ate!!! i love u!!! yahaha

  9. Keep on practicing pa girl… and please create a new style of video not like alanis of ironic. Keep it up… this may be your key to stardom! Thumbs up.

  10. nice penny!!!

  11. Violet. says:

    Look. I was amaze by the guitarist [they never disappoint me] THEY’RE AWESOME!. But your vocalist.. is she the vocalist??? Anyways I don’t really think that she’s great. Lets say “so-so” Her face is too plain when singing [Talkin’ about face expressions dear] and shes always holding back when she sings. And whats with the big headphones? But nice job.

  12. Violet. says:

    oh well… I didn’t get my point either so NVM.

  13. .thanks so much guitartutee. i learned playing guitar by watching your videos, now i’m a lead in our band 😀

  14. wow… this website very helpfull for beginner as i am… thank you

  15. Cause in the videos you never see your face haha.
    But yeah like I said up there Good Job!

  16. yesterday, in my dream i meet hayley.. awesome.. t4nk you..

  17. Mysterious player…. wkkwkwkwk

  18. ako din po taga batangas!!! na sa italy lang po ako ngayon… kase nag tatarbaho dito mama at papa ko pero pilipinong pilipino parin ako!!!!!!! miss u philippnes!!!!!

  19. You have a nice voice.
    Keep it up guys.
    I’m a fun of guitar. Like a lot.
    I always wanted to learn how to play it.
    Hope I can, someday.

  20. Wow…galing mo nmn mag gitara…pwede ba mag pa member tpos turuan…magkano bayad?

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