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This has been a busy month for GuitarTutee although most of you probably didn’t notice a thing. We just rolled out a new look and theme(hope you like it by the way), transferred to a new hosting, and finalized our GuitarTutee T-Shirt winners(e-mails were sent out today). With the changes in the theme and the host, we are now currently encountering some issues with the display of new songs on our site. Where do you find it? It’s right there at the middle right side while you are on the homepage. What happens is that new visitors to the site cannot see the latest songs. Have you encountered this problem? Well, here are the ways to make sure you get the latest songs.

  1. Be a GuitarTutee Member. It’s free. Always log-in to the website because that’s one of the best ways to make sure the latest songs and posts are displayed on the sidebar.
  2. Leave a comment or a request. If you are not interacting with us or other users of the website, you get old cached pages of GuitarTutee. Make sure you leave us a comment every now and then.
  3. Subscribe to our feeds. If you have an RSS reader, it will regularly get updates from our posts.
  4. Subscribe by e-mail. Better yet, get our songs through e-mail. These are sent out everyday.

If you are encountering any other issues besides this one, please let us know. Thanks!

(originally published on November 17, 2008)


  1. this site is cool

  2. joshua manalo says:

    I recieve a comment on my blog that I have won in the contest. But I haven’t received any e-mail. How is that?

  3. Hi Joshua. I e-mailed you the details again.

  4. hey can you do Valentine and Until we meet again by bandcamp?

  5. elow i joined the wat next??ganto lng b un??… lng poh..ganda kc nitogn site nto..drop lng nang comment….salamat…

  6. sana naman dagdagan niu ung mga tugtug ng siakol n more power god bless t.y.

  7. yow . . . zupz. . .

  8. txt niu naman aq.. yung mamahalin aq.. 09203901222,, ehehehe..

  9. hi, can i make a request.. uhm… can you do the song dont know what to say?.. tnx..

  10. Mga staff poh ng guitar tutee.
    San po ung chords ng Guardian Angel
    Newbie po kac ako.
    wala tlga alam 🙁

  11. hello again GT, where po location nyo? how po pa tutor? email me na lang… tnx… more power….

  12. how much po pala un…

  13. panu magiging member??


  14. how can i join?

  15. how can i join guitartutee?

  16. nacatus says:

    wooohooo!! lovin this site to the max!! Thanks for all the guitar chords that you share and teach us. Especially those guitar techniques. Its awesome. Simple and easy to learn. Hope to learn more and sharpen my skills in guitar and singing too.


  17. ReyArth says:

    i think i’m starting to get a load of this 😀

  18. this is really cool… wanna join

  19. hey can i plz.. request this song : gift of a friend

  20. john francis says:

    hey .. i wanna join .! but how ? T_T

  21. i l0ve this site ! h0w can i j0in?

  22. pano po somali sain nyo

  23. pano maging member d2?

  24. I want hindi songs notations…………

  25. Also i wanna join this, but How???

  26. chiggy420chone says:

    (::) – – – (::) i’m a guitar transcriber, how can i upload files in here?

  27. nice blog article about this topic. this makes me ask a question though, so i dont really understand the relation of this topic and your entire website. it just doesnt go together. But nontheless i found it very readable. Regards, Rizwan

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