Top 10 Valentine Love Songs for 2009 (Happy Valentine’s Day from GT)

Top 10 Love Songs 2009 (Happy Valentine's Day from GuitarTutee February 14)

The Love Month is here and Valentine’s Day 2009 is fast approaching. Being hopeless romantics, some of you might want to give your girlfriend (or wife) something special this Valentine’s Day. We’re thinking more in the line of heartfelt singing, while playing the most beautiful song on the guitar–a sure way to start or end a lovely February 14 night. As such, we give you the Top Ten (10) Most Romantic Love Song you can play and sing on the guitar (below, in no particular order). You have to hurry though because you only have a few days to practice them. (Be sure to send them Valentines Text Messages as well.)

  1. Colbie Caillat – Realize
  2. Switchfoot – Dare You To Move
  3. Secondhand Serenade – Your Call
  4. Sixpence None The Richer – Kiss Me
  5. Sarah Bareilles – Love Song
  6. One Republic – Stop and Stare
  7. Jonas Brothers – When You Look Me In The Eyes
  8. FM Static – Moment of Truth
  9. Jason Mraz – I’m Yours
  10. David Cook – Always Be My Baby

Good luck with your performance! Let us know what happened. And, if you have a Top 10 Love Song list for 2009 yourself, please list them below at the comments. After your performance, you might want to order online Valentine gifts, flowers and chocolates.


  1. love that (=
    could you please make
    trainwreck by demi?
    , or fifteen by Taylor swift πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  2. <3333 LOVE “Your Call” by Secondhand Serenade so pretty!

  3. Me too! Such an amazing song!

  4. <333 I listend to this list on Valentines Day! Secondhand Serenade is my fave!

  5. Frasisca says:

    I Loveeee this list! I definitley have to agree with you Katie the Secondhand Serenade song is my favorite as well!

  6. Aww yay I’m glad people are liking the Secondhand Serenade! They’re my fave band of all time!

  7. Same here Jackie! I love them so much they’re my fave and Jon is beautiful!

  8. Mmmm Jon is gorgeous with his tatoos and piercings mmmmmmmmm!!

  9. My girlfriend loves Secondhand Serenade. I actually got her the album for V-Day.

  10. Awww that’s cute! I love that song!

  11. Me too it’s super cute!

  12. <3

  13. not like most of em

  14. davey hell says:

    well.. i like most of them. ;p

  15. you forgot Daniel Bedingfield If You’re Not The One

  16. I think that all of those songs are so beautiful, but I Will Always Return by Bryan Adams should be on the list too.

  17. Kayla BayBee says:

    some of em are pretty cool!:P

  18. hello guys!!!

  19. hey guyz….shayne ward’s “Breathless”….is to be a must on the list…!listen and c if m wrong..

  20. “Love Song” isn;t a love song…farthest thing from it

  21. Gotta be love, by kristinia debarge

  22. Well check out this songs too, for sure u will like it ..

    1. Daniel Beddingfield-If you’re not the one
    2. Robbie Williams-Feel
    3. John Denver-Annies Song (awesome track)
    4. Lionel Richie ft. Akon-Just Go
    5. The Beatles-I want to hold your hand
    6. Celeste Prince – Wherever You Are
    7. Taylor Swift-Love Story

  23. martie boi says:

    bon jovi always
    dj sammy candlelight version

  24. Lifehouse- Everything
    Chase Coy- If the moon fell down tonight
    Beyonce- Rock

  25. michael logen has A LOT of amazing love songs!
    Including…Should I, Rearrange the rain, and Movin’ to you.

    Guaranteed everyone will love them!

  26. Hi, a love song that i liked a lot is My Bed from Malavera

  27. i hate love songs coz im broked hearted!

  28. Just listened to Secondhand Serenade for the first time and I like them they have some of the sweetest songs!!!

  29. Oh my goodness, these songs are really amazing,
    my favorite band for slow songs like this is Lifehouse πŸ™‚

  30. History in the making -Darius Rucker.

    Country song,
    but its amazing.

  31. yah, secondhand serenade is pretty cool. i idolized him.

  32. Savage Garden – i knew that i loved you….my girlfriend dedicated that song to me and i was crying cause [sigh] its such a nice song..that song should be up on that list !! its awesome ! <3 πŸ™‚

  33. 15. 1, 2, 3, 4 By: Plain White Tee’s
    16. Fall For You By: Secondhand Serenade
    17. You Belong With Me By: Taylor Swift
    18. Unbeautiful By: Lesley Roy
    19. The Man Who Could Not Be Moved By: The Script
    20. Seventeen Forever By: Metro Station
    21. Kristy, Are you Ok? By: The Offspring
    22. My Bloody Valentine By: Hollywood Undead
    23. Collide By: Howie Day
    24. Lullaby By: Dear Juliet
    25. Check Yes Juliet By: We The Kings
    26. Goodbye By: Secondhand Serenade
    27. Happy By: Leona Lewis
    28. Your Call by Secondhand Serenade
    29. Mad By: Neyo

  34. my favriots are up there some of the songs that me and my boyfrind picked out

  35. hey i need more love songsss plzzz helpppp:D:D

  36. aww.your reminds me of someone, really close to my heart.he always sing that song to me while playing guitar…

  37. God damn your beautiful – chester see

  38. bati kaayu inyung mga kanta…… wala dyud gwapo!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  39. David Griffin says:

    I think to listen to anything other version of “Always Be My Baby” besides the Mariah original is just an insult to the song. Hers will always be the best.

  40. my favorite love song is “She is Love” by parachute. That song is so beautiful and i thin kanyone would love it. (of course i do because it is me and my boyfriends song) πŸ™‚

  41. hey!
    cool songs, you should add
    apoligize one republic
    fifteen- taylor swift
    bubbly- colbie callit
    TrainWreck- demi lavoto
    Im only me when im with you- taylor swift!

  42. Rochelle says:

    Midnight Youth – Golden Love

  43. michelle says:

    I’d Rather be With You by Joshua Radin
    Kiss ME by Sixpence None the Richer
    The Only Exception by Paramore
    Half of My Heart by John Mayer
    Need You Now by Lady Antebellum
    Falling For You by Colbie Caillat
    Annies Song by John Denver
    If Youre not the One by Daniel Beddingfield

    i think these are the best and sweetest love songs ever

  44. 1. Here (In your arms) by Hellogoodbye
    2. I Wish by The Secret Handshake
    3. Nothin on You by B.O.B. and Bruno Mars

  45. Andi Velez says:

    In no particular order:
    1. Be The One – The Fray2. You Got Me – Colbie Caillat
    3. If It Kills Me – Jason Mraz
    4. Change Your Mind – The Killers
    5. Fix You – Coldplay
    6. The Heart Of Life – John Mayer
    7. Rhythm Of Love – Plain White T’s
    8. Fall For You – Secondhand Serenade
    9. She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5
    10. You & Me – Lifehouse

    : ) <33

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