GuitarTutee Goes Widescreen. Yey!

It’s inevitable. Youtube went widescreen (or 16:9 aspect ratio) some months ago, and back then we just perfected using our Standard-Def 640×480 pixel camera for our video blogging shoots. But as with all technological advancement, lowly consumers like us always get the tail of a chicken-on-the-loose for only a few seconds, only to slip off our fingers rightly after—and then we have to chase a bolder and faster chicken all over again.

We were shooting in the 4:3 aspect ratio since we started two years ago, and although it was hard leaving our comfort zone, widescreen was immediately a welcome change. In just a few days of shooting in 16:9, we received good feedback and comments from our Youtube subscribers. Here’s a comparison between what our videos looked like before, and what they look like now.

Comparison of GuitarTutee Youtube Videos--  Before - 4:3 Aspect Ratio (standard) vs After - 16:9 Aspect Ratio (widescreen)

(you might notice and say that they are both widescreen, but truth is, the first video is actually shot in 4:3 aspect ratio and we just put black bars below and at the top, commonly known as a letterbox)

The next step for our tutorials would be to shoot, edit and upload in High Definition, but that would be an entirely new story. First of all, our current computer wouldn’t be able to handle all that HD juice, and second, it would take us a whole day just to upload a single HD video given our barely-DSL Internet connection. Not to worry though, the current GT widescreen videos are of good quality and will probably take a good year or so before being upgraded. It will take a lot shorter if you care to donate (an HD video camera perhaps, and a 2Mbps connection), but we’re satisfied right now and hopefully you guys are as well.

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  1. nice.. cgurado lhat ng bguhan ne2 eh.. madali matututo magiging mas lalo interesado… goodjob..goodluck guitartutee more power..^,..,^

  2. NICE!!

    ROCK ON!

  3. @airhog, oo nga eh. sana ay mas maraming matuto dahil sa pag-shift namin sa widescreen. Thanks! More power din sa’yo.

  4. chucksyci says:

    may konting suggestion po ako
    e.harap nyu po ng konte ung guitar
    sa cam. gaya nung picture sa standard.

    ^^ t.y more songs 2 play.

  5. @chucksyci, ok! thanks for the suggestion.

  6. marc_890 says:

    nice!!!!!!!!!!!!! mas maiintindihan ko na.!!!!!!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeee! mas madali na pag aralan mga songs kooooooooo

  7. wow!galing nyu talaga!!..ngaun mas mamahalin ko na ang gt!

  8. I’d love it if you would gladly teach us “somewhere over the rainbow” by Israel K. the great Hawaiian artist..

    something like what this guy did

    but explained in detail.. I’m a personal fan of this song… and oh, great job with this site.. very proud to be pinoy when I stumbled on your site a few months ago..

  9. finger_rockin'_good says:

    AYOS, mas makikita na ng mabuti ung pagkakatugtog, uhm, suggest c0h lang p0h ah, sana pwede kaming magpadala ng guitar covered videos nmin sa

  10. fingerrocking'good says:

    !!!GT ROCKS!!! |_|
    (^_^) //(_)\
    // |_| \

  11. oi
    pa turo nmn po ao

  12. Angelo M says:

    this is really nice because it will encourage more people to play the guitar and widescreen shots helps a lot in seeing which string is plucked and/or what chords are played for the beginner guitar players. I myself was one of them πŸ™‚ GT was kinda like a parent to me in guitar playing. carefully guiding me into what i am now and maybe if there wasn’t any Guitar Tutee, my guitar would have been dusty right now but GT encouraged me especially when they posted tutorials of my favorite songs and i pursued what i dreamed of when i was still young-to play the guitar. maybe what i said here is somewhat dramatic but its true πŸ™‚ in behalf of my friends, I’m glad to say that GT, thanks for all the encouragement you gave us and you’ve been a big help not only for us but to all guitar players professional or beginner around the globe :)even our band’s guitar is GT inspired:) it’s also a red davis guitar πŸ™‚ so i will always hope n pray that GT will continue to prosper. long live Guitar Tutee!

  13. tol san ba d2 tiknan?

  14. ganda nang website nyu!!!!!

  15. Really useful videos. Thank you for sharing. The quality is great too.

  16. eii. galing neo pu aa..

    love it!


    sana damihan neo pa pg-aral ng songs ng mga secondhand.

    gs2 qu xe mga songs nea.

    more power!

  17. eii.. hehe..
    try neo nan pu mga songs ng FM static,

  18. nice.. keep up the good work guys.

    thank you for teaching not only Filipinos but also the whole world..

    how to play music.

    more power.!

  19. chriz sweet says:

    wow hayop

  20. 李松 says:

    θΏ™ι‡Œηš„θ§†ι’‘ζ€ŽδΉˆηœ‹ε•ŠοΌŸζ‡‚δΈ­ζ–‡ηš„θ―΄δΈ€ε£°οΌŸ could somebody teach me how to see the video??thank you first!

  21. this is very helpful for those people who really want to learn playing guitar.

  22. finger_rockin'good says:

    Suggetion lng p0h ha… pwede p0h mag cover din po kau ng mga adlibs… thanks…

  23. ahm ..wala po ba kayong “ikaw pa rin” ng letter day story?? .ala po kasi aq mahanap ..eheheheh ..sana po mag karon kayo .. tnx!!! :-p

  24. ahm ..wala po ba kayong “ikaw pa rin” ng letter day story?? .ala po kasi aq mahanap ..eheheheh ..sana po mag karon kayo soon ..tnx!!! ;-p

  25. john ferreras says:

    yea! dagdaggan nio yung song

  26. you are doing a great job thanks for all the help u giving us

  27. chris brown says:

    damihan niO ung kantah]

  28. john jester says:

    hey lagyan nio pOh nang last time by secondhand serenade

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