Catch GT’s Clara and Penny at SM Lipa on Sept 19

Finally! Our first promotional gig for GuitarTutee Artists will take place at the 1st Batangas Bloggers Grand EB in SM City Lipa (Event Center) on September 19, 2009 4PM. Clara Reyes and Penelope Matanguihan are the main performers. If you have a blog then you are invited to join other bloggers from Batangas (including the whole GuitarTutee Team) at the event. Fill-out this Registration Form to reserve your seats. This Bloggers EB is organized by the folks at, where you’ll find jobs and pretty Batangueno people… like us!

SM City Lipa is also currently running a Blogging Contest from September 14-19 2PM with the first prize winner taking home 5000 Pesos. The theme is “What is your AWESOME SM Experience?”

Clara Reyes at the Batangas Bloggers Grand EB at SM Lipa

Penny Matanguihan at Batangas Bloggers Grand EB at SM Lipa

Are you still having second thoughts about joining us at the event? Put those thoughts aside because this will be the FIRST TIME you’ll see GuitarTutee performing live for its fans.

One more thing… Entrance is Free!


  1. sana makapuntah aq wowoweee

  2. d me nakapunta ng maaga s SM Lipa nung 19 tinandaan ko p nman ung date n un, too bad…

  3. kailan keo pnta SM starosa ???? im the no#1 fans of guitartutee.. tnx???

  4. i know your secret clara

  5. im the number on efan of guitartutee. hi to all of us.

  6. sana makita ko na special some1 ko no?

  7. walang silbi ang guitartutee chat room………….
    palaging walang signal…………

  8. sorry po……….

  9. binabawe ko na sinavi ko….

  10. huya!!!

  11. good music, i like its

  12. kunin nyo aman ung chords ng hands to heaven by
     christian bautista plz aman’
    favorite ko poh kc ung song na un eh 

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