Jason Mraz – Make It Mine

This video is requested from GuitarTutee.

Standard Tuning:

Guitar Chords

Cmaj7 Bm7 Am7 D Em7 D# A# C



Cmaj7 Bm7
Wake up everyone
how can you sleep at a time like this
unless the dreamer is the real you
Listen to your voice
the one that tells you to taste past the

tip of you tounge
leap and the net will appear


I don’t want to wait
D Bm7 Em7
before, the dream, is over
I’m gunna Make,
D Bm7 Em7
It Mine, yes I, I know it and
I’m gunna Make,
D Cmaj7
It Mine, yes I’ll make it all mine

2nd verse the same as 1st

D# A#
And timing’s everything

and this time there’s plenty
D# A#
I am balancing

careful and steady and
revaling??? in energy that everyone demitted


  1. Hey, i loved how you arranged this song. I cant see to figure out your strum pattern, howed did you do it?

  2. Ferry Andriansyah says:

    the next lyric….

    And timing’s everything
    and this time there’s plenty
    I am balancing
    Careful and steady
    And reveling in energy that everyone’s emitting

    I don’t wanna wait no more
    No i wanna celebrate the whole world
    I’m gonna make it mine
    Because i’m following your joy
    I’m gonna make it mine
    Because i… i am open
    I’m gonna make it mine
    Yes i… i’m gonna show it
    Yes i’m gonna make it mine
    It’s mine…
    Yes i will make it all mine

  3. thanks for my fans.muaaahhh

  4. Carl Quebec says:

    nice,i like it than my girlfriend……..
    she spanked me when she saw it
    then she spilled her fluid in the
    vagina in my face its
    so yucky!!!!!!
    im a gay for real!

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