Laga Savea -Take Me Away

This video is requested from GuitarTutee.
Standard Tuning:

Bb Gm Eb F (2x) F# Eb F

Bb Gm Eb F

La La La La La La (x4)
La La La La La La La La La Hoooo..

Verse 1

Excuse me but can you explain to me
Why my heart beats faster when, (I see you around)
And are you some kind of an angel of love, that
does this thing to other guys (or am I the only one)
And if so I’ll be more than happy to tell you my name
in return I hope for the same so (I know who you are)
The way you smile I can tell your personality is something
I wouldn’t have to (worry about)


Take me away when I see you again, I would like
to be the one that loves you till the very end, take
me with you when your face is a frown, I would like to be
the guy that cheers you up whrn you feel down, Take me right
now don’t worry I’ll keep it cool, I just want to be the one that
fights an army just for you, I’ll hold you tight so we’ll never be apart
These things that Iam saying right now I mean it from my heart

La La La La La La (x2)

Verse 2

The day I’m holding you tight in my arms is the day, me & you
will be watching Earth from (our house on the moon)
And I’m gonna be holding you so close to me, theres no force
on Earth that has a power to (seperate me from you)
If only you could see the shape of heart that hides, it’s a
shape of a picture frame with (your face trapped inside)
The reason why I tell you this is because, it is you
that gives me life and (the reason to live)


  1. thanks 😀 they know samoan music lol

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