Linkin Park – New Divide

This video is requested from GuitarTutee.
Standard Tuning:

F = 133xxx
G#m = 355xxx
Eb = x688xx
Bb = 688xxx
C# = x466xx

F G#m Eb Bb 4x


F G#m Eb Bb 3x

C# Bb

F F Eb Bb
F G#m Eb Bb 2x
C# Eb

F G#m Eb Bb

F G# Eb Bb3x
Refrain- C# Bb

F F Eb Bb
F G#m Eb Bb


F G#m Eb Bb 2x
C# Bb

F F Eb Bb
F G#m Eb Bb 2x
C# Eb

F G#m Eb Bb 2x F


  1. wow 1st one to comment!! ^_^

  2. Guitar_lover says:

    i love it! parang linkin park talaga ang nag gigitara wheww! :D:D

  3. Yah I knwo to play it that way but I learn to use that way that Brad PLAY IT

  4. killrose ixsh rhamic says:

    your new album was great..,with the new look and styles.. hope you`ll play more songs..still hardcore guys..

  5. killrose ixsh rhamic says:

    linkin park fans din pla kau..

  6. linkin sphere says:

    i remember black skies they falling all around me!!!

    xtig linkin park!!



  7. would this version work with electric guitar as well or just acoustic?

  8. English guys 😮 (foreigners PFFFT)

  9. bring back NUMB 😀

  10. antiflag50 says:

    wooooh kht mdyo mahirap kaya pa run:)) IDOL KUH NAH KAU GUITARTUTEE dhil sa inyu dmi kuh natutunan

  11. pangit walang lyrics

  12. Manan Jadhav says:

    hey man give the tabs for the riff b4

  13. Kevin Clark says:

    ako linkin park fan ako

  14. LinkinPark says:

    you look like me but iam greater than you because i am the Linkin park guitarist your chords is correct but in the break you continue to play its the drum only

  15. hola loco sos lo mas tu vercion acustica estamuy buena segui asi espero que postees otros temas mas de linkin

  16. hybrid theory says:

    linkin park number one talaga!

  17. RockBrazil says:

    stupid linkin sphere o.O they falling all arround me ¬¬’

  18. Death_max says:

    yuta mo eh….hahaha joke

  19. jhays0nx says:

    ang panget puro straming d marunong mag guitara ei….

  20. this is good for beginners…

  21. sayang alng lyrics

    ~pero astig nman

  22. sana mayrong lyrics,,,,.,..

  23. I love Linkin Park! This is the best group!

  24. Kane Higourahshi says:

    How the hell do you play a tab like this!!! i have to have the notes!

  25. astig sana<<<pwo alang lyrics eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!sayang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. ganda tlga nya ,mag tugtug,,,, wew hehhehe.. great job..

  27. Wala sa ayos ung sheet mo.. ibang iba sa video!.. kung tama lang sana ung.. Ni wala ngang G chord ehh.

  28. ignacio sanchez says:


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