The Scene Aesthetic – Yellow Birds And Coal Mines

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Gather around me, I need some time to recollect these thoughts of mine,
You’re so kind to stand behind me,
Help me face these fears I’ve build over the years,
It’s so clear.
You’re always here(I wouldn’t leave you here like this)
And I’m desperate, oh so desperate,
To feel alive, (you need someoneto help you, please let me guide you through this) your so kind.
To offer assistance in my interest, well I could?ve made it through tonight, its alright, cause we saw this coming through,
And I’m still here.

Keep me here I believe,
Finding faith you must agree upon a state of action,
Keep me posted, still in action, I’ll keep you here cause I believe.
Finding faith is what I need to take the chances I must take,
Before my heart begins to break.

I know you have it hard sometimes,
Don’t let the bad things rule your life.
Sit back and watch your life take flight,
You’re just so young,
You have the time, the time

Just leave it alone (x3)


Before my heart begins to break.

Thanks for being here my friend
(thanks for being here my friend)
Here with me, ’til the very end of time,
We’re gonna do this one together. (x2)

Keep me here I believe,
Finding faith you must agree,
Upon a state of action,
Keep me posted, still in action


  1. That guitar part is actually to “boats and birds” by gregory and the hawk.
    an entirely different band.

  2. Yeah, you’ve got the wrong song there.
    Gregory and the Hawk are completely different.
    Right lyrics though, for the Scene Aesthetic.

  3. Melissa. says:

    yeah, limewire messed everyone up.

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