Terra Naomi – Up Here

This video is requested from GuitarTutee.

Standard Tuning:

roll ito your town and im walking around

got some extra time ill think ill throw some money down

and you follow me around you’re askin for the time

your askin what i found think i’m gonna rob you blind

maybe its the tattoo on my arm that i drew while i was bored waiting tables

F#m D
in new york a heart and two flowers interwined with a vine

i can see your point i can see your point

E F#m
but up here i am who i am and if u dont like it then fuck you man

im not a theif and a whore please dont follow me around next time im

shopping in your store

E F#m
and up here im making you aware that if you dont like me well i dont care

i’ll be exactly who i am and if you got a problem with me well thats your

problem man

A E F#m D A c#m/g#

F#m G D
and your good values taught you how to behave

F#m G D F#m G
who to treat kindly and who enslave and like all good men you still fall

D F#m G
to the floor when a great big rack and a ripe round ass walk through that


A E F#m D A

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