Demi Lovato – Here We Go Again

This video is requested from GuitarTutee.
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  1. i love this soNG.. hehehe

    thanks sa


    more power

  2. Thank you so much! Now I know how to play it, I’m gonna record soon me doing a cover of this song and Beat it by Michael Jackson too to

    God bless you

  3. Wow!Thank you so much,i love this song,and now i know how to play it…You’re awesome.

  4. can you slow it down please and thanks! or have the actual chords written down if possible thanks

  5. Hey, I have a request. Can you play Demi Lovato’s Remeber December? It’s not out yet, I think. But can you? Thanks.

  6. jacklynn says:

    Thank you Guitar Tutee (:
    Remember December, I love that song !

  7. catalina says:


    Cath me/Demi Lovato
    Cath me/Demi Lovato
    Cath me/Demi Lovato
    Cath me/Demi Lovato
    Cath me/Demi Lovato
    Cath me/Demi Lovato

  8. Catch Me—Demi Lovato :]
    luvz itt. ur awsum.

  9. luv da begining.

  10. im a bigginer & this song is easy 😀 except for the strumming .

  11. can you put the chords up pleasee?

  12. great… i really love this song… and i love demi lovato!!! thank you for posting this…. more power…. and can i have a request? two world collide by demi lovato!!!

  13. hey can you write the actually chords please i cant learn it by watching you!

  14. heyy..! can u make one of Remember December,Behind the enemy lines, Stop the world and everythiing ur not? pleasee..! =)

  15. Mary Spain says:

    HEYYY Perfectt!!! Can you do one of remember december and got dynamite???? PLEase !!!! Youre amazing!!!

  16. Can u plz do la la land by demi lovato

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