GT Has Hit 2000 Youtube Subscribers!

In less than two months after getting 1000 subscribers, we are proud to announce that we are now at 2055 subs, and counting! The first thousand took us 5 months to get, while the second thousand in less than two months. I wonder how many more we’ll be getting in the next few weeks.

We honestly think we can be the first Filipino to make it on the 100 Most Subscribed Musicians’ List in Youtube. The nearest musician has 5,153 subscribers. That’s 3000 more for us, but with your help, we can immediately close the gap.

You can help us by:

Of course our drive to have more subscribers is beyond the numbers and the recognition. We aim to help the most number of people play the guitar in the easiest possible way, and we can only do it if they at least know that GuitarTutee exists. Help us help other people! In the process, make a Filipino be one of the Most Susbcribed Musicians on the planet! (at least on Youtube 🙂 )

This is like a dream-come-true for us. Thanks everyone for supporting GuitarTutee!


  1. pedropunkz says:

    sana mag play kau ng 6 cycle mind na song

  2. pedropunkz says:

    pls play nman kau oh…………
    khit anong song nla

  3. pedropunkz says:

    galing ng chatroom nyo……..
    kya lng hndi related sa guitar ang topic………….

  4. udelurveunn says:


  5. paki play namn ung PATAWARIN MO AKO BY 6CYCLE MIND

  6. PLZ PO ^^

  7. tOiNKzZz_22 says:

    _sana meron nmang knata yung 6cycle mind. . .kahit yung latest lang nilang knta. . .plz nman!!! kahit isa lang. . .yung kasama nla si gloc9!!!

  8. _plzzz!!! pagbigyan nman ang kahilingan!

  9. 6 cycle mind bro
    un lng ang wala
    ung princesa>> ^^

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