T-Shirt Give-away Tarpaulin Ad

By next week, Batanguenos who frequent SM Lipa would probably see this GuitarTutee Guitar and T-Shirt Give-away ad over at the Supermarket, right in front of Ala Eh! Store. For those who still don’t know it yet, we have an ongoing contest where we are giving away 30 GuitarTutee Tshirts and a brand new guitar on October 25, 2008. Here are the contest details.


  1. Why many junk in this site?

  2. to konak
    dont be stupid konak its their promo and its no a junk respect them cuz’ they are worth it..

  3. cardiography says:

    People, it’s a tough job to be an administrator. Please respect them.. ;D

  4. hello! ang ganda naman ng guitartutee!

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