Win A Brand-New Guitar and GuitarTutee T-Shirts (The LUCKY Contest)

Update: Extended Til Oct 25. 30 T-Shirts to be given away!

One of our best duets yet! Hope you like the video and will help us promote it on the World Wide Web.

For GuitarTutee fanatics: Would you guys like to have an online contest? I’m thinking of one right now. One that will serve as our thank-you note for GT’s first-year anniversary on August 3. Hmmmm. Ok, here it is.

WIN A Brand-New Acoustic Guitar and a GuitarTutee T-Shirt just by promoting our Lucky video! Here’s what you need to do to join.

  • (Step 1) Write about GuitarTutee and link to us from your website or blog or Friendster profile.
  • (Step 2) Embed this “Lucky” video on your post.
  • (Step 3) Leave a comment below this article with your Name, Age, Location and the Link to your post or profile.

Really simple right? We will be doing an electronic raffle of all entries and valid submissions by September 30, 2008. Announcement of winners will be posted here in the GT website on October 1, 2008.

Items To Be Given Away (pictures to follow):

  • One (1) Brand-New Davis Acoustic Guitar
  • Five (5) GuitarTutee T-Shirts

So what are you waiting for! Join now and spread the GT Love virus!

Here’s the Lucky Video.

Note: Items will be available for pick-up in Batangas and Metro Manila area only. Winner from other parts of the Philippines, or other countries for that matter, will have to shoulder the shipping costs.


  1. hey, cool duet! it’s really like the real song!

    i’m polo piedad, i’m 13, and i live in ayala alabang, muntinlupa city

  2. hi! I`m Joy Grace Callino, 21 yrs old from Block 23 Lot 5, Velpal 1 Subdivision, Minglanilla Cebu.. I love the duet!! & I ,really love the song as well as the singers.. I am a big fan of Jason Mraz & Colby Caillat.. & I am a really Big fan of you guys.. your website is really the best!! I always check on it almost everyday..I learn alot from this web & I just thought you guys rock!!! keep it up you guys!!! I always endorse this web to my friends & they say this web is really cool!!!
    I`ll be posting this lucky video to my friendster.. hopefully you`ll have time to check it out.. & hopefully I could be lucky enough to be the lucky guitar winner!! pls do check me in my friendster account;
    God Bless!!!

  3. dotagirl says:

    hi there my name is krishna calub from California Ave,Parian,City of San fernando,La union…oh yah I’m 14 yrs old…I’m a guitarist so I hope I would really win this thing…

  4. marcmon619 says:

    hi im marco vibal 15 years old, guys, i have something to say, ur the best!!! because of your vids i was inspired to play the guitar and im learning right now so i really want to win this contest. 8 r.pascual st. san juan metro manila 😉 good luck to everyone 😀

  5. hi im matthew vitan turning 16 this september i love to play the guitar but my guitar is buste and all so i wanna win this contest. i’ve been watching ur vids lately and i learned quite a bit. the vid with tab and chords is really helpful by the way, im currently introducing the site to all my friends 😀 thanks

  6. hi im bobby guingona 28 don asterio st don enrique htgs commonwealth qc. im a guitar player as well. i idolize you guys!! hehe hope i win 😀

  7. hey,i am Thomson Wen,I am 22 this year,i am from China,i come across guitartutee when watch some guitar videos from youtube,the first time i listened to Clara Reyes’s original song,wow,that is amazing !and good singer and good guitar player!hope you can make more and more orignal songs!i love this websibe,and i post some videos of Clara Reyes in my blog,(
    and i will introduce this wonderful website to many of my friends!if i am lucky enough to get a T-shirt or even a brand new guitar,i must be dreaming!you know!well done!

  8. MY address:Class as06021,Wuyi University, Jiangmen, Guangdong, 529020, P. R. China

  9. @polopiedad, dotagirl, marcmon, vitan matthew, and bobbyb, and to all others who would join this contest–

    Please don’t forget to embed our Youtube video for lucky on your blog or friendster profile. 🙂 Otherwise your entries will be disqualified.

    @Joy and Thomson Wen:
    thanks for submitting the requirements!

  10. thomsonwen says:

    heyhey,i love guitartutee very much,thanks for all your hardworking!

  11. vitan_matthew says:

    116 scout de guia diliman quezon city 😀 haha forgot, may bad 😀

  12. hi im derrick panganiban,29,from 146 calumpang lejos,indang,cavite,
    my friendster url is:
    i’ve post a lucky video by clara reyes and a link to your website as needed.
    “wish i would be lucky in guitar tutee”

  13. demzwaffu says:

    Hi I’m Demz 19 m from marikina, This site is really cool. Before many of songs confusing me because I have no idea how to strum the music I played. Now there are modern technology in this generation and I saw this website I watch the song played by guitartutee, now I can play all the music I want because of this website! dude this site is so rock! keep it up guyz!

    I will continuing promote your site to my guitarist friends, my band mates and to my FS profile!

  14. Leave a comment below this article with your Name, Age, Location and the Link to your post or profile.

    Nichole “Nix” Fernandez here. 20, been playing for less than a year. Newbie. Sakto itong contest dahil nasira yung guitar ko.. Di ko na maituloy yung pagtugtog ko.. I’m from Quezon City at dito ko nilagay ang video:


    Meron din sa Friendster pero nakaprivate siya pero promise andun talaga.

  15. Nichole “Nix” Fernandez here. 20, been playing for less than a year. Newbie. Sakto itong contest dahil nasira yung guitar ko.. Di ko na maituloy yung pagtugtog ko.. I’m from Quezon City at dito ko nilagay ang video:


    Meron din sa Friendster pero nakaprivate siya pero promise andun talaga.


  16. silver_08 says:

    love everything out guitartutee. i think it’s a good websit! my dream is to playa guitar very well.thank you!

  17. Hey there, my name’s Cassandra. 15 from Sydney, Australia. I began playing the guitar at 13, but this site has helped me learn many new songs. I don’t have much of a story, but a new guitar would be awesome! Haha and the T-shirt would be pretty cool too.

    Regarding the cover. It sounds BEAUTIFUL! I haven’t heard the original, but I really like it anyways. 😛

    I will always love this website. It’s one of those sites that has inspired me so much that I won’t ever forget it. Keep it alive forever, yeah? 😉

    PS. Wow, I’m surprised that people wrote down their whole addresses.

  18. hi there..,im maurey lastimosa from the Philippines.., since i was eleven.., i started to play guitar and i wanted to play more about guitars buT i donT know who can teach me well…

    then my friend ask me to go to this website and pick any song.., then i learned many of this songs..,

    so im saying thank you..
    and i really love this website..

  19. Name: James Evans E. Palar
    Age: 18
    Location: Palompon, Leyte, Philippines

    Gusto ko talaga ang site na ‘to. Marami akong natutunang mga kanta na tugtugin sa gitara. Kaya naman sana manalo ako sa contest na ‘to at magkaroon ng isang bagong, kumikinang na gitara… O kaya’y t-short man lang…

  20. by the way, nakalimutan ko ilagay ang link, to pala, sa blog ko ‘to:

    maraming salamat

  21. Hi, I’m Eko Supriyadi, 29 years, from Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

    I would like to be your fans and follow your contest that you provided because I love your creation songs and talents.

    I’ve been presenting “a special show” for guitar tutee through my website :
    This destination of this show is to introduce your website to the the world and entertain them.

    You could watch my special show through
    If my show is eligible to follow your contest, just enter me on your contestant list. If not, please contact me with your reasons or opinions, so I’ll correct my mistake.

    Hopefully there is a producer that interesting with your songs and talents, so you could “Go International” with them using “A Record Label”.

    That would be cool if Guitar Tutee and Clara Reyes appear a great performance at MTV. I pray for you for this matter.

    My suggestion :
    Find Maribeth that ever famous (in my country Indonesia) with her song “Denpasar Moon” and “I Was Born To Sing”, then ask to her to be your producer. Or at least she could show you the ways to enter the music industry.
    Maybe you know that Maribeth is from your country. So, I think that your chance.
    This is just my 2 cents 🙂

    Finally, I would say : Success with your songs and talents ! Thanks.


    Eko Supriyadi

  22. posted about your contest and embedded the Lucky video at:


  23. test

  24. ive been a follower of gt’s tutorial and live performances and i say this one really roxx.. Thanks M. is just not good in playing guitar , he also have future in singing.. kudos again to clara and thanks..

    nyway, here the link of my embedded “lucky” vid.
    james,23,roxas st. general santos city

  25. jovy rose says:

    eow poh.. galing tlga ni ate clara kumanta..

  26. this websit is alsome. if i win i will be so happy because i alwaysn wanted a guitar. my name is sylvia and im 14 years-old. i really hope i win!!!!!!!!! thank you for this !!!!!!!!!

  27. my name is sylvia and im 14. `thank you so much and i want to win very bad!!!!!!!

  28. Hello! Nice song!
    I’m new at GT. My friend introduced me in this website, and I found it great!
    By the way, I’m Joshua Manalo, 14 yrs old from Lipa City, Batangas.

  29. patmaranan says:

    hope to win it

  30. hi my name is Veronica I am from Puerto Rico,San Juan, im 13 years I love guitartutee I learn from it everyday. I fisrt started when I was like 10 years old playing the guitar. I got to this website by youtube and I’ve been starting to use it a lot and I am telling all my friends about so the can tell to there friends to. I love guitartutee

  31. LuNar_RhaiNe says:

    i’m cheska from calamba laguna but im studying at de la salle lipa…i have this video in my friendster account: and in my multiply account:

  32. hi im Liya Marie Garcia…I’m from Taysan,San Jose Batangas…I love cara reyes… and I love this site..hope I can win the guitar….Im learning alot from this site..Keep up the good work guys…hpe that you’ll inspire others as well…
    I heve the video un my accs: ..

  33. my friendster acc was:

  34. Liya Marie Garcia..17 years old from Taysan, San Jose Batangas.. I love this is so cool..i love clara reyes..hope i cn win the guitar…i wnt it so bad!!! the accounts were I posted the video are:…. ..
    i will post it on other sites as well

  35. Liya Marie Garcia..17 years old from Taysan, San Jose Batangas.. im studying at de la salle lipa…I love this is so cool..i love clara reyes..hope i cn win the guitar…i wnt it so bad!!! the accounts were I posted the video are:…. ..
    i will post it on other sites as well

  36. http:/

    Hi i’m jordan..
    i love ur website its so helpful..
    i learned most of my songs from it.
    i really hope i win because i love playing guitar but i dont have one.:(
    i have to use my friends guitar.
    but ive been playing for years
    but u guys inspire me to learn more so thx so much for being here to help so many ppl. 🙂

    Age: 13
    Address:PO BOX 384697
    ZIP: 96738

  37. sam_annia says:

    hai im glaycel,15 years old from Cagayan valley.
    your website (
    helps me and my friends to learn play song that we like.
    We thank you. For all the help that your website did to us.
    its really helpful. From now on i enjoy playing guitar with my friends.
    I have my personal guitar but this pass four years i don’t play, just now. and im thankfull that i view your website.
    This comment that i submit is not to intent to win. I just want yo thank you. For all the help. Well, when i win. i will be delighted.

  38. hey GuitarTutee!

    Name: Avery Anderson
    Age: 15
    Location: Orange California

    I posted a bulletin on regarding this contest!

    if GuitarTutee has a Myspace account, ADD ME because its the only way you guys can see my bulletins.

    Heres my link:

    if you dont have one a Myspace account, well… heres what i have been posting for the past few days:

    To all guitar players:

    have you ever tried to look for song chords or tabs? or even videos of how to play them?

    well, heres the PERFECT website that teaches guitar players – whether a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced player – how to play songs AND it also gives tabs and chords!

    they have over 1,000 songs you can choose from!


  39. ^^^^ P.S. my bulletin on myspace has the embedded link. but it just didn’t show up here.

  40. yoh ganda po talaga blending ng music nyo ni clara…. keep up the good work…

    sana umasenso ung site nyu…. ill help on making this community larger….

    ganda nung sound ng guitar mo pag natugtog parang hindi acoustic hehehe…

    pangalan ko nga pala Van Kevin, im 16 years old, taga san pascual batangas ako…

    link to my friendster account….

    pede ba malaman kung taga san kayu kasi I saw a poster dun sa lipa eh so i tried

    to join this contest… and gudluck sa site nyu….

  41. Jyl Oseña says:

    Hi my name is Jyl… I love your videos.. so cool..
    here’s my contact info:

    #25 St. Froza, Longos, Mataas Na Kahoy, Batangas

    I Want GT T-shirt!!!! =)

  42. Hi I’m Curtis Phan from San Jose, California

    I found out about this site off of youtube. Just about every acoustic song I like I search on youtube and there is always a Guitartutee video on it. Then i just watch and learn. haha so everytime I I’m trying to learn a song i just go to the and put the search for the song instead of youtubing it. It’s a lot easier to learn off your vids and this site often has chords or tabs that i can use to learn. Thanks Guitartutee. This is a great site for people who want to learn.

    Here’s a link to my website:

  43. Oh and I’m 16 years old. xD Keep playin that beautiful music you play.

  44. carlo angelo vergara says:

    cool! clarrisa reyes is so beautiful! she is so gifted! her voice is so wonderful to hear! i want to hear her voice every day! =)thanks guitarTutee! More Power!

  45. hi its me Kristen Mae Gascon. I’m 16 Years old From Batangas…
    I’m an Avid Fan of GT.. Ang galing ng video, especially ni thanx… ganda ni clara… Sana Gumawa pa kayo ng maraming videos… Keep It Up…!!!!

    YOU GUYS ROCK……!!’

    contact info:

    It’s a dream to have a GuitarTutee T-shirt!!!

    meh ksama po redhorse hahaha!! juk juk!!


  46. aww sayang i’m late for the contest…

    anyway,i’d like to give you two thumbs up for the concept of this website.

    I am 30 yrs old and I’m a frustrated with guitars. your site gave me hopes because of your straigthforward tutorials. no more of those boring lessons about chord definitions,scaling and all


  47. great vocals and great guitar player.

    tnx guitartutee for providing us our needs for lyrics, chords and videos more power.

    Age: 18 yrs. old
    Location: Caloocan City

    godbless always!!

  48. Hi, I am Clariza Ilagan, 21 years of age…
    I want to win a GT T-shirt..

    Great Video.. Keep it up!!!


  49. wla bng friendster c clarissa?? ganda nya eh

  50. owh. i want the guitar , but i live in norway >_<

  51. meron pa bang contest para makakuha ng free guitar? thanks…

  52. it is a nice music…. ^^ i like it… hoping that guitartutee.. will be promoted…. for me it makes me feel happy cuz i know where to find the lyrics,tabs and chords and also how to do it…. it teaches you how to use a guitar and other many things… for guitar hehehehe… thank you guitartutee….
    thats all.. god bless.. and god speed..

  53. Hi :] I’m Chavely. I am 13 years old. I live in Oxnard CA. I love you guys. I am barely learning how to play, and you guys have been a huge insperation to me. You guys are the best. Like seriously 🙂 Thank you for all the videos you guys have posted they really help me alot. I hope you guys keep making vidoes because you are superlative.

    Thank you.

  54. guitarkid says:

    im noel from bicol you know guys you help the people who cant play the song that they want.but sometimes your chords are wrong but good job!

  55. hi my name is billy esma and i am 10yrs old and i play guitar and drums and piano i live in phils. in mindanao on cagayan de oro city the subdivision is grand europa i live inside grand europa is portico blk8 lot 12
    i wanna have the guitar and tshirt

  56. right now my age is already 11 it was my b-day on april 5 2009 and i wish i won the guitar pls reply guitartutee

  57. i pose the lucky video from you and clara reyes in friendster i love guitartutee i dont know any clips but you help me thanks you rock dudes keep puting more videos i am goanna tell this website to all my friends and by the way you guys rock in singing and guitar i hope i won the guitar

  58. waaah,,,, cute nung isa,,ahehe



  61. hu d hel r u?

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  63. is this one still active?

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  65. Wow nice to read this. I’m really shocked.

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